Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Asha 230 Nokia

 Nokia Asha 230 model handset smart and high quality perform. many latest technology add in this phone. Facebook and twitter very first work its phone.quickly chat and other work.very easy function.responsive full touchscreen.  


  screen size= 2.8"
  camera= 1.3 MP
  SIM System= dual SIM

  Length=99.5 mm
 Width=58.6 mm
 Thickness=13.2 mm

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 of 377 About PC Support: Windows 8.1 Update is Now Available


 From Ahsan habib, your Guide to PC Support
  The next major update to Windows 8, called Windows 8.1 Update, is now available.
Windows 8.1 Update is the second major update to the Windows 8 operating system.
This update, previously referred to as Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows 8 Spring Update, is free for all Windows 8 owners. If you're running Windows 8,1, you must install Windows 8.1 Update to continue receiving patches after April 8, 2014.
Windows 8.1 Update includes a number of user interface changes, especially for those using Windows 8 with a keyboard and/or a mouse.
For basic Windows 8 information, like system requirements, see my Windows 8: Important Facts. See my Windows 8.1 summary for more on Microsoft's first major update to Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 Update Release Date

Windows 8.1 Update was first made publicly available on April 8, 2014 and is currently the most recent major update to Windows 8.
The next major update to Windows 8 is rumored to be planned for later in 2014.

Download Windows 8.1 Update

To upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update for free, visit Windows Update and apply all available updates. The Windows 8.1 Update patches are KB2919355, KB2932046, KB2937592, KB2938439, and KB2934018.
Tip: If you don't see any Windows 8 Update related updates in Windows Update, check to make sure that KB2919442, first available in March 2014, is installed first. It should be listed in Windows Update. It's also still just April 8th, so you may just need to be patient as the updates roll out.
While more complicated, you also have the option of upgrading manually from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update right now:
Note: The Windows 8.1 Update actually consists of 5 individual updates. Select them all after clicking the Download button. First install KB2919442 if you haven't already, followed by the ones you just downloaded, in this order exactly: KB2919355, KB2932046, KB2937592, KB2938439, and then KB2934018.
Not sure which download to pick? See How To Tell if You Have Windows 8.1 64-bit or 32-bit for help.
If you haven't yet updated to Windows 8.1, you'll need to update to Windows 8.1 Update via the Windows Store. Think of this as a one-stop upgrade to both Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update. See my How to Update to Windows 8.1 Update tutorial for more help.
Important: Windows 8.1 Update is not the entire operating system, only a collection of updates to the operating system. If you don't currently have Windows 8 or 8.1, you can purchase a new copy of Windows (the entire operating system, not just the update) direct from Microsoft: Buy Windows 8.1 Pro and Buy Windows 8.1 (standard). You have the option of a downloadable ISO file or a boxed copy you'll receive in the mail.
reference ...  Tim Fisher,

My village friend amd me........

my village friend. I also got a couple of "unwanted" villagers from just visiting my friends and never interacting with those characters. Ugggh... permalink; parent.
 Happy time ... I don't know why they always talks like fighting. I asked my friend... why are they fighting .

What is Portfolio manager ?

A portfolio manager is either a person who makes investment decisions using money other people have placed under his or her control or a person who manages a financial institution's asset and liability (loan and deposit) portfolios. On the investments side, they work with a team of analysts and researchers, and are ultimately responsible for establishing an investment strategy, selecting appropriate investments and allocating each investment properly for a fund- or asset-management vehicle.
Portfolio managers are presented with investment ideas from internal buy-side analysts and sell-side analysts from investment banks. It is their job to sift through the relevant information and use their judgment to buy and sell securities. Throughout each day, they read reports, talk to company managers and monitor industry and economic trends looking for the right company and time to invest the portfolio's capital.
A team of analysts and researchers are ultimately responsible for establishing an investment strategy, selecting appropriate investments and allocating each investment properly for a fund or asset-management vehicle.
Portfolio managers make decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance.
Portfolio management is about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice of debt vs. equity, domestic vs. international, growth vs. safety, and other tradeoffs encountered in the attempt to maximize return at a given appetite for risk.
In the case of mutual and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), there are two forms of portfolio management: passive and active. Passive management simply tracks a market index, commonly referred to as indexing or index investing. Active management involves a single manager, co-managers, or a team of managers who attempt to beat the market return by actively managing a fund's portfolio through investment decisions based on research and decisions on individual holdings. Closed-end funds are generally actively managed..

Reference  Wikipedia 

List of Nobel Price Winners in Literature - Excel Format

Job Description
 We need a list of all Nobel Price Winners in Literature in Excel-Format. This should contain: Winning Year, First Name, Last Name, Year of Birth, Year of Death, Country (of birth or where the winner lived most of his life), evtl. name of work/book, when mentioned.

The data can easily be researched on Wikipedia or on the Page of the Nobel Price Committee, we just need it as an excel to be able to integrate into our webpage.
If we are happy with the work, we can offer more jobs of this kind.

 capture after complete work....

Find Emails of academics

- Find the email addresses of academics (i.e. professors, lecturers) who are working in political science / politics departments.
- The academics must be working for universities which are based in America
- Find at least 100 top universities, and list the excel sheet according to ranking (highest ranking to lowest ranking)
- target emails: minimum 500, but the more the merrier!
- If the job gets done well, we'll be needing to find emails of academics in other countries as well :)

- Number
- University
- University Ranking (1-100)
- Academician Name
- Academician email
I only need academicians from political science / politics department. Thanks!

This work end successfully.
see Clint comments.....

Ahsan was really great to work with. Even though I did't ask for updates, he continuously gave me updates to the project I gave him to work on so that I can have reassurance that the project is moving along.

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